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Energy Efficiency through carbon footprint reduction

The most talked about thing of today’s world seems to be Save Our Green Earth and Save the Environment. In most of the modern countries of this world people have adapted themselves to various gadgets which have become a part and parcel of their life. Nowadays no house can do without the air conditioner or in some areas the central heating systems. People have switched over to laptops from their home PCs and many more modern gadgets have unknowingly become an indispensable part of our life; but one thing we seem to forget is that by doing this we are contributing in our part in increasing the carbon footprint. Now what is carbon footprint?How does it affect the environment?How can we do a carbon footprint reduction? Actually when we talk about the carbon emissions we mean the carbon dioxide emissions. The carbon dioxide emissions actually occur from the different kinds of fuels that we use like petrol and diesel in our cars, taxis or any other vehicle which runs on petrol and diesel. I…

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